Este foarte dificil sa gasesti pe Internet informatii despre pretul tratamentelor dentare. Pe siturile clinicilor din Romania gasesti preturi orientative, astfel incat eventualii doritori sa-si faca o idee  si sa nu bata drumul degeaba, in cazul in care le sunt depasite posibilitatile financiare.

Pe afara sta altfel treaba: afisarea preturilor pe site se considera o forma de reclama, si , dupa cum se stie, nici la noi, nici la ei nu este etic sa „atragi” pacientii prin afisari de preturi atractive, promotii etc

De aceea am gasit util acest site care „vorbeste” despre preturi, si despre cum ar trebui ele sa iti influenteze alegerea. Pe acolo la ei, preturile nu suporta variatii prea mari, astfel incat mai ieftin cu 50-70% ar trebui sa-ti dea de gandit. Citez:

„The implant can range from $1500 to $3000. The abutment can range from $400 to $800. The crown can range from $800 to $2000.

These fees are per implant, so to replace a tooth it can cost from as low as $2700 up to $5800 depending on the situation, the brand of the implant and where you live. These fees do not include bone or gum grafting if those are needed. So, which doctor do you go to if one charges $1000 for an implant and another charges $2000? The simple answer is: whomever is going to charge you less in the long run.

If a doctor charges $1000, but uses a poor-quality implant or risks your dental health with poor technique, the procedure may end up costing you another $3000 to $4000 to fix and/or repair.

Usually with dental implants, you have only one shot at getting it done correctly, so when you choose your doctor don’t just look at the initial cost–look at the longterm success record.”